Viewpoint at the foot of the mountain

Agriculture is one of the big economic resources for Sicily thanks to the mutitude of productions

 Well known is the farming of citrus fruits, as oranges, lemons, tangerines, clementines, bergamot, cedars and grapefruits of high quality. Sicilian fruit counts in its products prickly pears, watermelons, persimmon, medlar. Vegetables always have been the ground for the Sicilian agriculture, as the well known Pachino tomatoes. Among dried fruit almonds, nuts and pistachio (fine is the one from Bronte) made their way because of their high quality, and also because they are main products for a lot of confectionery products.

Stunning Taormina

One of the biggest international tourist centers, known because of its natural landscape, sea beauties and its historical monuments

Located at 206 meters height from the sea on a terrace of Monte Tauro, Taormina offers a breathtaking view onto Mar Mediterraneo and to the near volcano, Etna. The magical atmosphere inspire artists from all over the world. Beautiful beaches will enrich your walks along the winding medieval streets and their historical buildings, the old churches and,  overall, the famous greek theater. The ones who prefers excursions won't miss the opportunity to reach Castelmola, a delightful village. Main stage will instead be Corso Umberto I, full of shops, coffe and restaurants.

Etna park

The first sicilian park estabilished in 1987, has the main job to protect a unique natural habitat and the extraordinary landscape that surrounds the talles active volcano in Europe

In the hilly area there are vineyards from where to produce Etna DOC wine . In the western part of the volcano pistachios and strawberries flourish, with unique flavours and colours taken from the typicality of the territory and the microclimate. Other considerable productions are for pears and peaches. The remarkable richness or the territory allowed the development of a wide agriculture variety, especially in the north-eastern part of the volcano, thanks to the microclimate that created because of the proximity with the ionian seacoast: lots of speciality, as the Red Etna Cherry,  walnuts and peanuts from high altitude. All of this represents a fortune not enhanced yet, with wich the Etna park won't do without.