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Cookie and Privacy Policy

Cookie usage

This "Website" ( uses Cookie to make it's services easy and efficient for the users that are visiting pages. The users that are visiting the Website will face a little amount of informations in their devices, being computers or mobiles, in little text files called "cookie" saved in some directory used by User's browser. There are different types of cookie, some to make easier and enjoyable the Website, others to make available some functions.

Our cookie allow:

  • to memorize the included preferences;
  • to avoid putting the same informations every time someone visits the Website, as email and password;
  • to analize the usage of the services and the contents provided by to optimize the experience of the navigation and the provided services.

Types of Cookie

Technical Cookie

This types of cookie allowrs the correct run of some actions in this Website. They are divided in two categories: persistents and of session:

  • persistents: once the browser is closed they are not destroyed but instead they stay until a preset day
  • of session: once the browser is closed they are destroyed

These cookie, always sent from our Website, are needed for the correct seeing of the Website and because of some technical services provided, so they will always be sent and used, unless the users modify the browser's setting (doing this the user is changing the Website's layout).

Analytics cookie

Cookie of this category are used to collect informations about the usage of the website. will be using these informations for anonymous analytics statistics to improve the usage of the Website and to make contents more interesting and related to the users desires. These types of cookie are collected in an anonymous way about the user's activity and about how the users joined the Website. Analytics cookie are sent by the Website Itself or from third part websites.

Analytics cookie for third part services

These cookie are used to collect informations about the usage of the Website by anonymous users as: visited pages, residence time, beginning of the residence, geographical residence, age, genre and interests for advertising campaigns. These cookie are sent from other websites disclosed from the Website.

Cookie to insert products and third part softwares' functions

This types of cookie insert functions developed by third into the Website as icons and preferences told in social networks to share Website's contents or to use third part software's services (as softwares to generate maps and other softwares that provide additional services). These cookie are sent by third part websites and by partner websites that provide their functions in this Website's pages.

Profiling cookie

Profiling cookie are needed to create user profiles to send advertising messages based on preferences that users showed in the Website., according to GDPR, has not to ask the users' consent for technical and analytics cookie, as they are needed to provide the asked services.

For all other types of cookie the consent can be told by the User with one or more than one of the following modes:

  • Using browser's specials configurations or concerning IT programs used to navigate Website's pages.
  • Modifying third part settings of services usage.

Both the solutions could deny the User from seeing or using some pages of the Website.

Website and third part services

The Website could contain external website links with their own Privacy information setting that could be different from the one that Does not own anything.

About cookie


_ga is a cookie owned by Google Analytics. It expires 2 years after the creatuion or the update. It is used to distinguish the users. > cookie-usage


PHPSESSID is a famous cookie in the Linux projectation. It is a technical cookie and inside it a numeric value is saved to identify the User's session. This cookie is erased after the browser is closed and nothing about personal informations stays in it.

How to deactivate cookie using browser's settings

If you want deepen knowledge about how your browser catches your cookie during your navigation, we invite you to follow these links.