Daidone Srl 

Daidone srl is the commitment of a family that has been promoting

sicilianity in the whole world since decades, with high quality

handcrafted alimentary products.

Business cast

It has been improved thanks to the experience and the knowledge in the section. Today our business men are not only sellers but also consultants of sale that follow the customers since the first setting paying attention to every need. In these years requests from all over the world made our skills stronger, ready and efficient.

Production cast

Years of research to refine our skills and to improve the flavour to make a meal, alone or with family or friends, unforgettable. Three are the main features that today shape every Daidone Exquisiteness product.

The GENUINENESS made of choise and continuous research of high quality raw material.

The SEMPLICITY delighted by tradition and the desire of making this kind of art indelible.

The LOVE essential for the handcraft, an always current power that animates all the team and walks with the products.

Logistics cast

We make shippings all over the world with couriers specialized in the alimentary market. Our carriers are partners of our company, thanks to them we satisfied thousand customers.

Great merit to the warehouse team

Since our first ships we aways put a lot of importance to the successfulness of our transitions, growing and availing of new technologies we refined our warehouse logistics and that brought under the 1% the risks of breakage.